Founded as Southern Engine and Pump Company in 1908, DXP was re-chartered in 1979 as Sepco Industries and renamed DXP Enterprises, Inc. in 1996. Over the years, we have strengthened our ability to support our customers by acquiring a diverse group of companies with a powerful corporate focus on product expertise, technical services and MROP supply chain management.

Today, DXP is a publicly traded professional distribution management company that provides products and services to a variety of industries through its Innovative Pumping Solutions (IPS), Supply Chain Services and Industrial MROP Products and Services.

365体育官方DXP continues to stay on the leading edge of technology, training and products while attracting and retaining the best employees. Our corporate strategy is simply to be the best solution for the industrial customer.

365体育官方The following summarizes significant events since management acquired the company in 1986.

  • 2015: Acquired Tool Supply, Inc.
  • 2014: Acquired Machinery Tooling & Supply and B27, LLC
  • 2013: Acquired Tool-Tech Industrial Machine & Supply, Inc., Alaska Pump & Supply, Inc., Tucker Tool Company, Inc. and National Process Equipment Inc.
  • 2012: Acquired Jerzy Industries, HSE Integrated, Austin & Denholm Industrial Sales, Industrial Paramedic Services, ALEDCo & Froce, Pump & Power and Mid-Continent Safety, LLC
  • 2011: Acquired W. Rod Tool Company and Kenneth Crosby
  • 2011: DXP’s Atlanta BDC facility started DC operations to provide service for customers throughout the southeast
  • 2010: Acquired D&F Distributors, Inc. and Quadna
  • 2008: Acquired Falcon Pump and Supply, PFI, LLC and Rocky Mountain Supply, Inc.
  • 2007: Acquired Indian Fire & Safety, Precision Industries and Delta Process Equipment
  • 2006: Acquired Alliance, Gulf Coast Torch and Regulator, Safety International, Production Pump and Machine Tech
  • 2006: DXP expanded its fabrication facility in Houston, Texas by 37,125 square feet to 78,375 square feet. This addition significantly increased DXP’s capacity to provide quality pumps and pump packages to its customers.
  • 2005: Acquired A. Mueller Company, PMI and Rocky Mountain Compressor, Inc.
  • 2005: The company expands its Ballistic Distribution Center in Houston, Texas by 20,000 square feet to 54,000 square feet.
  • 2004: Acquired James S. Kone and Company
  • 2002: Consolidation of operating systems completed. DXP reduced the number of operating systems from five to one.
  • 2001: Sold Tri-Electric due to inconsistencies in target market.
  • 2000: Company leased 34,000 square foot distribution center in Houston, Texas, which serves as the company’s Ballistic Distribution Center (BDC).
    Internet business began operations in May 2000 with original product offerings including general mill and bearing power transmission equipment.
  • 2000: Implementation of re-engineering plan begins with the consolidation of certain warehouse and customer service functions (Customer First Center) into Houston, Texas.
  • 1999: Sold valve and valve automation division due to inconsistencies with re-engineered business model (acquisition prior to 1986).
  • 1998: Initial development of e-commerce platform
  • 1998: DXP acquired the assets of Tri–Electric and Lucky Electric, adding electrical products to its offerings.
  • 1998: DXP finalized the strategic acquisition of M.W. Smith.
  • 1997: DXP acquired Strategic Supply, which added to the general mill and safety product line and providing the company with a geographic presence in the Rocky Mountains region. The acquisition also provided the original framework for the “SmartSource” integrated supply program.
  • 1997: DXP acquired Pelican State Supply Company, adding the safety and general mill product line and expanded the geographic presence into Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • DXP was formed to effect a consolidation of Sepco Industries and Newman Communication Corporation pursuant to which DXP became a public company.
  • 1996: Sepco acquired the assets of Austin Bearing Company, which expanded bearing and power transmission distribution market share in southern Texas.
  • 1995: DXP acquired Bayou Pump Company in Arkansas, expanding its geographic presence.
  • 1990-1992: Purchased T. L. Walker Bearing Co., Jackson’s Industrial Supplies and Cunningham Bearing Co., which expanded product offering to include bearing and power transmission equipment.
  • 1987: Purchased Shoreline Supply and Wesco Equipment, Inc. with the combined entity becoming the dominant industrial pump distributor in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.